Slopes and lifts situation

Detailed situation of all the slopes of our resort

Follow the snow conditions of each piste here, taking advantage of all the descent possibilities: natural snow and artificial allow you to have the best conditions for the entire season.

Warning, the following situation is only a prediction up to 8.20 AM, from this time all the data will be in real time and regularly updated by our mountain operators.


dati aggiornati alle 11:30 del 12/11/2018

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Tracks map
Track name / Difficulty Track numnber Track status
Tzaly 10  
Pra Neyron 6  
Campetto Prato 4  
Chetif 3  
Val Veny 2  
Courba 22  
Chiecco 17  
Maison Vielle 15  
Diagonale Peindent 9  
Variante Verde 28  
Raccordo Piste Plan Checrouit 30  
Aretu 14  
Checrouit 13  
Lavechon 12  
Le Greye 11  
Dzeleuna 7  
Track name / Difficulty Track numnber Track status
Gigante 1  
Snowpark 26  
Dolonne 25  
Youla 21  
Lazey 20  
Comba Moretta 19  
Internazionale 18  
Stadio Slalom 16  
Lassy 27  
Pista del Cervo 29  
Canalino 31  
Diretta 8  
Pista Dell Orso 5  
Rocce Bianche 24  
Des Eves 23  


dati aggiornati alle 08:24 del 08/11/2018

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Lift name Lift type Lift status
Courmayeur Funivia  
Dolonne Telecabina  
Val Veny Funivia  
Chiecco Sciovia  
Checrouit Telecabina  
Maison Vieille Seggiovia  
Pra Neyron Seggiovia  
Aretu Seggiovia  
Le Greye Sciovia  
Arp Funivia  
Youla Funivia  
Lift name Lift type Lift status
Plan de la Gabba Seggiovia  
Tzaly Sciovia  
Dzeleuna Seggiovia  
Bertolini Seggiovia  
Zerotta Seggiovia  
Peindeint Seggiovia  
Tappeto Prato Tappeto  
Pontal - Pavillon Funivia  
Pavillon - Punta Helbronner Funivia