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Courmayeur Mont Blanc
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Courmayeur Resort

Well being and freedom in front of Mont Blanc

"A place where you can find all the happiness you're looking for"

One hundred kilometres between and off-piste on the perfectly groomed slopes or down virgin snow chasing after the last snowfall. On skis or a snowboard, in the presence of the highest mountain in Europe. This is the Courmayeur area, the sunny side of Mont Blanc.

Throughout the winter, every day and every night, we prepare perfection for ski lovers. The land of the Valle d'Aosta has given us a place of dizziness and enchantment: we have modeled it to make the palette to plot dream trajectories, tasting the speed and breathing crystal clear air of the top of the old continent.

In Courmayeur, each level meets his challenge: from the slopes where you fasten your boots for the frst time to the most diffcult pistes, without forgetting the immensely spread freeriding spots. The snowmaking covers more than 70% of the area, guaranteeing, for the whole season, the chance to discover, have fun and to test yourselves. Because here, we cultivate your happiness.

Our history

"A centennial tradition of alpine skiing"

It is the beginning of the twentieth century. The mountain is changing: the people who live there and the few brave hikers are joined by new faces, those of travellers and tourists. In Courmayeur, in 1908, some people understand what the future holds: the Donzelli, Gilberti and Lora Totino families have pioneering ideas on the construction of cable cars. Years pass with experiments and successes: in 1939 Count Dino Lora Totino founds the Society of Monte Blanco, and constructs the cable car from La Palud to Punta Helbronner. The mountain,instead of just being for climbers, becomes accessible for everyone.

Between 1941 and 1945 the first rotoslittovia is built from Dolonne to Plan Checrouit and Colle Checrouit: three years later there's also the summer ski lift that reaches the Colle del Gigante. The ski area is growing: in 1952, the first Courmayeur -Plan Checrouit cable car is constructed, which opens a new area, and a few years later the Youla cable car and other lifts as well.

In the seventies a new project takes shape: to develop the slopes of the Val Veny, side, connecting it to the area that already exists. And it is in 1978 when Piero Savoretti, who loves the mountains, and who is capable of making great advances, decides to build the largest cable car in the world: 133 places, with a capacity to carry 1,500 people per hour. The future has arrived.

The Nineties saw the majority stake of the company pass from the hands of the Savoretti group to the Pavan group, changing its name to Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie. In 1996 the Compagnie des Alpes regains the majority and plans major new investments. In April 2010, the Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta acquires the entire quota of Compagnie des Alpes and part of the Compagnie du Mont-Blanc, thus becoming the majority shareholder of Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie.



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High temperature force us to delay the opening of the resort. We will open 6 December. 
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