Powder power

最后的年前 Courmayeur是一个Freeride目标。在Youla 和Arp机舱有美妙斜坡,张的小径还没标出, 洁白的雪。这里你们可以尝绝对的自由。

冬天的时候Courmayeur的牧场和树林变成一张白布,所以上小径洁白雪你们可以划很多线。而且在Checrouit, Vesse, Arp Vieille 和 Youla在深节,有粉末状雪。


From the ski resort start OFF PISTE ROUTES that are neither marked, patrolled or protected from high mountain perils and avalanches which cannot be anticipated in advance.

Below are two classic itineraries of our resort, click to open.

Freeride Arp Vieille Freeride Dolonne

These itinerary cards are taken from the book/guide 'Courmayeur Mont Blanc Freeride' for more info on it's purchase click here.