Wi-Fi sul comprensorio di Courmayeur / Wi-Fi Access
Plan de couverture WiFi

Wi-Fi access instructions

Nous travaillons pour que tous les principaux points d’agrégation sur le domaine et à proximité des remontées mécaniques soient dotés de Wi-Fi libre. Cette nouveauté permettra à nos clients d’être toujours connectés et de recevoir en temps réel les mises à jour sur les réseaux sociaux.

Step 1

Turn on the wifi on your device.
Select the “Cmbf Wifi” net.

Step 2

A new registration/login window will appear.

If your are already registered: you’ll be automatically redirected to www.courmayeur-montblanc.com and you’ll be able to browse freely.

New Registration: in the browser window that appears select: Italian Number or Foreign number.

If you own an Italian Number: insert telephone number and e-mail

In you own a foreign Number: for those who do not have an Italian number, the registration will have to go through a credit card, one time charge of 1€. This charge is necessary for authentication purposes, that are mandatory as for Italian anti terrorism laws. Once the form has been completed, user and password will automatically be displayed on the access page and also sent to the email address of the user. At this point navigation will be free for all the winter season.

Step 3

If you own an italian number you will receive an sms with username and password.

Step 4

Open again your browser and insert username and password. You are now connected and free to browse the web. This operation is only done once, after that you will stay registered and be able to browse in all wi-fi areas of the resort.